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Painting the town red using the latest DOOH technology

London turned red last month in celebration of Vodafone being awarded as the best network provider for 5G coverage in the capital.

Vodafone UK delivered its most ambitious DOOH campaign to date, running in London from the 7th of September to the 4th of October.

Newly-developed technology, called Digital Roadblocks, detected when Vodafone branded buses were within two minutes of a bus stop which subsequently triggered the digital advertising displays to change to the Vodafone campaign across every digital screen within a 200-metre radius.

The tech utilised Transport for London’s (TFL) GPS data which tracks where buses are and how long they will take to reach each stop on their route; so the smart advertising boards always knew when the bus was two minutes away.

The campaign featured on digital street hub screens, walkways and converted telephone boxes as well as advertising screens throughout London  – including 48-sheet and 96-sheet digital billboards.

Once the screens switched to Vodafone’s new 5G advertising, the ad displayed continuously for three minutes. Ogilvy created the campaign, while Carat and Posterscope bought the space on Global Media roadside sites.