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‘3D’ LED spaceship breaks free from 900sqm digital screen

A 900 sqm, LianTronics L-shaped, curved video wall in China has gone viral on social media, as it appears to show a ‘3D’ spaceship emerging from the screen.

A gigantic 90-degree curved LED digital signage installation, set above a retail space in Chengdu, China, is showing a 3D-effect video which appears to show a Star Trek-like spaceship emerging from the screen to the space in front of it.

Best viewed from an angle, the glasses-free ‘3D’ video wall has been a top-five trending topic on Sina Weibo, a Chinese social media network that is similar to Twitter, during a Chinese national holiday.

Online video of the Chengdu installation has been appearing on Western social media during the last week, with China digital marketing expert Ashley Dudarenok enthusiastically captioning a smartphone video on YouTube video with the words: “This is the hottest 3D LED screen in China these days. It was unveiled last week on the side of a local mall in Chengdu.”

Writing across multiple social media accounts, immersive art entrepeneur and LinkedIn influencer Dorothy Di Stefano, who was featured in AV Magazine in July, wrote: “The effect of depth, which gives the illusion that the spaceship is flying out of the building is achieved without special devices and glasses but can only be viewed from a certain angle.”

Social media users have compared the video wall to landmark Samsung 8K digital signage in Seoul, South Korea, where video activations from creative agency d’strct have included a giant anamorphic wave and a giant toy.

Writing to AV Magazine, the LianTronics team confirmed: “This is a giant curved video wall from LianTronics! Before our official promotion of this Chengdu 3D wall, we celebrated China’s National Holiday, an eight-day holiday nationwide, and our wall has been top five trending online. We’re so proud that it has been loved by so many people even beyond China.”

Article posted on 13/09/20 via AV Magazine – Author – Guy Campos