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New Tradition and UniLIVE introduce a first-of-its-kind OOH data partnership in the United States

New York, NY – New Tradition Media is the first out-of-home vendor to launch a partnership with UniLIVE in the United States digital out of home marketplace. New Tradition is a continuously growing, pristine vendor in the out-of-home media space consistently disrupting the industry with new acquisitions and partnerships such as this with UniLIVE.

UniLIVE offers a revolutionary platform that is specially designed to streamline the digital out-of-home experience, offering specific standardized and real-time play out accountability. The UniLIVE platform ensures an efficient content delivery workflow providing New Tradition’s clientele with strategic reporting following all digital campaigns.

“We’re beyond excited to be the first in the US to be working with UniLIVE to offer our clients total transparency in our digital offerings.” said Lu Cerda, Chief Strategy Officer. He added, “this partnership is vital in continuing to keep our clients apprised of each of their campaigns success.”

With the world ever changing, New Tradition is confident that being able to offer clear and comprehensive post campaign reports will give advertisers even more transparency within the DOOH marketplace. The independent verification provided by UniLIVE will give New Tradition the ability to share accurate, verified playout and impression data to their advertisers,  seldom seen in the OOH marketplace. This capability will set New Tradition apart from their competitors in the DOOH space.

Arran Javed, CRO of UniLIVE said “Working with the forward thinking, pioneering team at New Tradition is something we’ve wanted to do for some time. They have an iconic portfolio of screens and have been pushing the boundaries of OOH consistently in recent years.  We’re more than thrilled to be working with them to ensure independent verification and campaign insights are at their fingertips to enhance their client’s DOOH experience.”

New Tradition’s top digital inventory such as One Times Square, The Reef, DC Union Station, and many others will be concluding campaigns with analytic reporting from UniLive on a going-forward basis.