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Five Minutes With… Natasha Marcou

In our ‘Five Minutes With’ interview series we will be learning about the people behind the scenes at UniLED.

First up is UniLIVE’s Digital Campaign Manager, Natasha Marcou, or Tash as we know her, who joined UniLED in 2018.

Find out what her typical day involves, why she loves working at UniLED and why she would like to be Queen for the day below…

What does a typical work day look like for you?

‘I work in the UniLIVE team and spend my day liaising with planners and creative agencies to ensure their DOOH campaigns go live correctly and on time.’

What’s the most interesting part of your role?

‘Seeing the work I distribute across to vendors on DOOH billboards. There’s always something to point out when I’m in the car driving with someone!’

What’s the best thing about working at UniLED?

‘The People! I love how everyone works equally as hard and that we genuinely feel, and act, as one big team (how cheesy of me). Oh and we also love a good party.’

Describe UniLED’s culture in three words

‘Fun, Family, Positive!’

Given the chance, who would you like to be for a day?

‘It would have to be Queen Lizzy. I would love to know what is the first thing she does when she wakes up? What does she eat? What does she talk about with her pals? Does she put on gym leggings and a sports bra when working out?’

If you had 25 hours in the day, how would you use the extra hour?

‘I’d spend more time eating the things I love, so probably extend dinner time by an extra hour.’