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Sales opportunities do exist in the depths of the COVID-19 crisis

First time packaged snack company uses DOOH to launch their debut campaign despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic…

It is tougher than Hades to sell OOH in this current climate, however brands are doing it. It takes giant effort, persistence and most important, a home-run of a creative idea. Good ideas are not good enough. Safe ideas will not be successful.

If it’s one thing every sales person in Outdoor has in common, it’s their belief they have a creative side AND they enjoy using it. Take the extra time you may have right now to get the creative juices flowing. Put yourself out there!

Emily Snacks kicked off its DOOH campaign last week in the UK during the depths of Coronavirus lock-down. In case you have been living in a cave, yes the UK is getting hit just as hard as the rest of the world and is under stay at home lock down as well.

Despite the obvious issues brought about by the COVID-19, i.e. traffic is significantly depleted, Emily Snacks is running the campaign using self disparaging copy in humorous style. Stellar work. We are making an early call of future award winner.  If ‘why’ must be explained, you should excuse yourself from judging if asked to the committee or panel.


OOH Today – No Fear No Favor – 17/04/2020