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Tesco’s declares it’s ‘about bloody time’ in campaign introducing diverse bandages

Print campaign from BBH supports new product design inspired by a tweet.

“About bloody time” is the bold tagline of a new new print campaign from Tesco, supporting its move as the first U.K. supermarket to store bandages with a diverse range of skin tones.

The retailer announced this week that its own range of bandages (known as “plasters” in the U.K.) will be available in light, medium and dark tones. Tesco said it created the range after one of its employees noticed a tweet that went viral, in which someone stated their emotional response to finding a bandage that matched their skin tone for the first time. The supermarket added that BAME (black and minority ethnic) employees had contributed to the development of the new product’s design.

To mark the launch, BBH has created print ads to run in press and digital OOH for the next two weeks. The ads, which went live in newspapers including the London “Evening Standard” and “Metro” on Monday, feature the tagline as well as images of the bandages on dark skin, half covering the word “bloody” (which is considered a semi-serious curse word in the U.K.).

“The UK’s biggest retailer have just moved the dial on something that needed to change,” said BBH creative director Uche Ezugwu in a statement. “We created a campaign that is bold and visually impactful, hopefully making it hard to ignore.”