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Compare the Market unlock dynamic DOOH capabilities displaying live fuel comparisons

To help Australians find the cheaper fuel on their route the next time they fill up, Compare the Market have launched their Simples Fuel app by tapping into the dynamic capabilities of digital billboards to broadcast live fuel prices in locations across Brisbane.

With many consumers traditionally sticking to set weekdays to fill up their tank in an attempt to save at the bowser, the Simples Fuel campaign aimed to make it even easier for motorists to find and compare prices and make the most of the savings to be had each and every day.

Working with leading premium digital billboard provider, QMS Media, Compare the Market utilised live fuel price feeds from a custom API to dynamically update digital billboard locations across Brisbane to ensure locals could find cheaper fuel near them.

The dynamic billboard campaign delivered a 38 per cent uplift in app downloads as well as an improvement in search volumes by 13 per cent when compared to the immediately preceding period where digital billboards did not feature dynamically inserted prices.

Compare the Market’s acting CMO, Chris Catchpoole said the real-time pricing campaign gave drivers a preview of what the Simples Fuel app could deliver.

“Our goal was to maximise our reach of Brisbane motorists on their daily commute and showcase the savings that could be unlocked through using the Simples Fuel app, said Catchpoole.

Using QMS’ premium digital billboards across Brisbane, Compare the Market automatically updated each location’s creative with the cheapest fuel price available in Simples Fuel within designated proximity, ensuring motorists could capitalise on cheaper fuel prices in that exact moment.

Catchpoole added: “We found the live fuel price executions outperformed other outdoor billboards for this campaign. In other markets we ran non-dynamic feeds, and whilst they still drove app downloads, the results in Brisbane where we tailored the creative to be more relevant to each location had a noticeable lift.”

QMS GM – strategy, Christian Zavecz said that the growth of digital billboards and the advancements in technology are making it simpler and faster for clients to deliver more targeted and relevant campaigns.

“Digital billboards as a medium, now has the scale, quality and capability to make reaching large audiences with targeted, relevant and engaging creative easier than ever before”, said Zavecz.

The appetite by advertisers to utilise the enhanced dynamic capabilities for digital billboards continues to be healthy. Recent campaigns for BMW MINI with the DAN agency group, utilised number plate recognition technology to identify MINI cars passing by a digital billboard to then tailor a message for that MINI driver. Additionally, Taubmans current summer campaign sees the colour of each digital billboard adjusting to reflect the time and weather at its location.

Commenting on the uptake of dynamic campaigns by advertisers, Zavecz said: “We are just starting to scratch the surface with what is possible when it comes digital out-of-home, and more specifically digital billboards.

“Technology and backend systems make it easier for us to deliver dynamic creative with short lead times. Combine this with Neuroscience and dynamic creative like the Simples Fuel app campaign, and we can see just how powerful digital billboards can be when advertisers embrace the dynamic capabilities of the medium.”

Credit: B&T Magazine