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Best of 2019: The Trainline used augmented reality to ‘transform’ DOOH screens into live departure boards

In September 2019, The Trainline launched a series of posters that appeared to transform into live train departure boards when viewed through a smartphone.

The augmented-reality-ready boards offered live train times and personalised information on how much carbon dioxide can be saved by taking the train compared with travelling by car.

The campaign, by independent digital agency Byte, was created by George Wheeler, under creative director Louis Persent. Blue449 buys the media for Trainline.

Using the WebAR platform 8th Wall, the digital out-of-home activity was part of an integrated campaign that aims to show how Trainline’s app makes travel easier.

The launch included a “domination” at Waterloo, comprising 16 high-visibility poster sites in and around the station. Each execution featured a QR code that, once scanned, opened an AR-enabled microsite that then turned the poster into a live departure board by pulling data from Trainline’s API.

Natalie Marques, senior brand manager at Trainline, said: “Now, more than ever, there’s a thirst for knowledge of how people can do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. So we’re really excited to launch an innovative billboard experience that’s genuinely purposeful in educating travellers on the reduction of their CO2 emissions by choosing train travel over road.”


Author: Omar Oakes

Date posted: 24/09/19